Motion Control and Motor Drives

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EtherCAT Motion Control without Softmotion

NI already announced that the motion cards reached end-of-life and no replacement is planned. The motion control softwares also reached end-of-life: After Softmotion 2020 there will be no new version and NI-motion 18 was the last version (feedback from NI-support).

I am using a lot of functions of the VI-palette (73xx or softmotion) like the different movement types (blend, contoured move, etc.) or homing. This is still working very good, but due to the fact that the support for this products is ending, I would like to update my projects.

I am already using the EtherCAT servodrives from Kollmorgen, so I am planning to implement the motion control on a C-RIO via EtherCAT communication.

My question is, that I probably have to create a lot of code that was handled from the motion palette like the motion supervisory control, trajectory generation and of course all the functions that NI was offering and are described in the NI-Motion User Manual.

At this point I wanted to ask you, does anybody has similar problems or already some experience on this topic? Any suggestions?


Thank you.

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Hi Marc,


We have a product that replaces the discontinued NI-Motion products, and we specifically designed our API to mimic the previous NI-Motion VIs.  That being said, we only offer I/O based motion control (STEP/DIR or CW/CCW) and we don't have EtherCAT-based solutions.  If EtherCAT is not a hard requirement, this solution may be worth considering.  Feel free to learn more from our website or ping me for questions.


John Wu 

TENET Technologies

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Hi John,


thank you for your answer. Your product is very interesting, but unfortunately EtherCAT is required.



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