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Controlling a Linear Actuator through myDAQ (LabVIEW)




My team is trying to connect an analog chopper drive (linked) to a linear actuator (also linked). We also have an NI myDAQ available to us as an intermediate analog switch. Our ultimate goal is to control the linear actuator through LabVIEW in ranges of 0.5mm-20mm displacements. 


However, what we are currently confused with is how to connect the stepper motor actuator to the NI. We are able to connect the drive to the actuator and get it to move in a continuous cycle, however we are struggling to control the increments/number of steps at which it moves. 


Any help would be appreciated!



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Hi Jenefeher


Can you attach some code, or diagram of your project?



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Hi Jenefeher


Can you attach the code that you are using and a diagram of how are you connected the devices?


What drive are you using?



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How are you connecting the drive to MyDAQ? What interface are you using?

What communication protocol are you using to communicate MyDAQ with the drive? 



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I also wish to use MyDAQ to automate my Newport 861 handheld motion controller to derive CMA-25CC actuator for linear stage movement and awaiting this solution. 861 controller uses a 9V battery and have two switches for forward and backward movement and one speed control knob. One opotion seems that we control those forward and backward switch control with MyDAQ or we can have own circuit and MyDAQ to control actuator directly without using 861 handheld manual controller.Pl suggest or start once I see your  solution  to this problem

Ajay Shankar
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