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Connecting AKD Servo Drive to NI 9514 37 pin terminal block



 I am currently working on a project which requires controlling a servo motor. After some research, I ended up buying the following items:   


AKD-P00306-NBEC-0000, 3A Continuous current

cRIO-9063, 4-Slot Integrated Dual-Core 1,700.00 Controller, Artix-7 FPGA

NI 9514 1 Axis Servo Drive Interface w/Encoder Feedback


NI PS-15 Power Supply, 24 VDC, 5 A, 100-120/200-240 VAC Input

VF-DA0474N-03 Smart Feedback Cable, AKM Motor to AKD Drive

VP-507BEAN-03 6A Power Cable, AKM Motor to AKD Drive

NI 951x cable and 37 pin terminal block bundle


However, I was able to connect everything except the 37 pin connector to AKD-P00306 drive. After going through manuals, I figured out that x8 port of the drive should be connected to 37 pin terminal. But, I do not know which terminals of the x8 I/O port should be connected with 37 pin connector. I am totally clueless since I am new to NI equipments and servo control. I have attached pictures of 37 pin terminal and akd drive x8 terminal layout. Can anyone please help me with this. pic4.png
37 pin terminal.png


Thank you!

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If you're newer, it might be easier to use the NI 9514/16 to AKD Drive Cable referenced in the Getting Started Guide.

This KB still references the cable, but has a bit more information on the x8 connector on the cable itself:

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I own a Kollmorgen Servostar which is pretty similar. You do not neccesarily need to use a 37 pin connector. On your AKD wiring diagramm, the right "control" can basically be any device. The X8-ports are mainly used for:


--fault checks (pin 1&2)

--enabling the drive (pin 4)

--limit switches (pin 5 and 6)

--writing/reading analog signals, for example setpoints (pins 8,9 and 10)


The behaviour of limit switch and analog signal pins, can be set by the user within the Kollmorgen software.


On your NI 9514 module, the encoder A, B and Index signals need to be connected to the corresponding encoder pins of your motor drive. If there are no A,B, I pins on your motor drive, then perhaps you can configure the digital output ports of X7 to do so.

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Thanks for the help. I decided to order ni 951x to akd drive cable. It seems to make the connection much easier.

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