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Cannot find NIMtnCom.dll

I just re-loaded labview 5.0 and Valumotion 4.2 on
my system. Any vi that calls any of the motion vi's does not seem to work.

Any call library function that references pcMotion32.dll does not run - I have pointed them directly to the file (in c:\WinNT\System32) but then
get the following error:

The dynamic link library NIMtnCom.dll could not be found in the specified path. c:\...

This dll is not anywhere on my system. Anybody got any ideas on where it is, where it should be, and why I don't have it?

The reason I'm re-loading 5.0 is because this machine is having issues with loading 6.0.

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Hello jnasiatka,

ValueMotion 4.2 is a slightly older version of the ValueMotion driver, and I have recently upgraded to ValueMotion 5.0.2 from the NI website (, and it is working great.
- I originally had a similar error before upgrading.

The new ValueMotion 5.0.2 uses MAX instead of the PCRunner software to configure the board.
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