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Can i connect an external signal generator to the NI7344 to...

Can i connect an external signal generator to the NI7344 to use its
PID characteristics to precisely control the output

I am using the flex motion board (NI7344) to control the force output
of a linear motor. Using contouring and buffer operations i have
successfully created a system which can output a controlled force
which sinusoidal in form. I can achieve a reasonable output for
waveforms of 10Hz, the use of higher frequencies is limited by the
contouring operation ( a frequency of 10 Hz means i can only describe
one period of a sine wave with 10 points ( 10ms between each point =
10Hz). Can i therfore connect an external anologue wave generator to
the NI7344 use and use its PID characteristics to output wave
forms of
higher frequency ??? .....could i output an anolgue wave form from an
E-series DAQ via the RTSI cable to the NI7344 and control this ???.any
ideas or advice would be much appreciated.
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You can use a DAQ card to output an analog waveform, but it will be a software call not part of an onboard program. RTSI can be used to pass clocks and trigger signals, so if you want to route a clock signal to do the control you could.

A. Talley
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