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Can i amplify the analog output signal from an E-series DAQ...

Can i amplify the analog output signal from an E-series DAQ using the
MID 7654 power drive and use this in a control loop ?

Using the NI 7344 fle motion board, contouring and buffer operations
to produce an output current (sinusoidal in form) limits the quality
of the output waveform ( higher the frequency =lower the number of
points to describe one period of the wave form) . Is it therfore
possible to connect an external wave generator to the Flex motion
board use its PID algorithms and output a controlled waveform. ??? If
not i have an E-series DAQ board could i generate a wave output from
this, amplify the signal with the MID power drive, route the feedback
through the DAQ and implement a PID control system us
ing the DAQ and
LAbview ???.......i am aware of the examples on your database which
enable the DAQ to be used in a contro loop however i think the speed
of the system in dictated by software time, would this sytem be fast
enough ?????
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Have you tried using the following example program for the sinusoidal output?
Continuous Velocity Profile Move Using a Contour: Sin Velocity Profile

There isn't a known, easy way to use the onboard PID algorithms of the 7344 board with an external wave generator, as you do not have access to input the wave data to the algorithm.
You can use the DAQ board with the MID drive, you will have to create a custom cable to connect the proper signals however. A PID loop in LabVIEW will be software timed - if this is an issue for you, you may want to look into using the LabVIEW PID toolkit with LabVIEW Real-Time, which guarantees deterministic
More info on LabVIEW Real-Time:〈=US
PID Toolkit:〈=US

Hope this helps -
Julie Schlembach
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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