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Breakpoint Pin Axis Assignments PXI 7354


I've had a customer dig a legacy project up from the dead and I am looking for a bit of information on the PXI-7354 / UMI 7774 combo with regards to Breakpoint

First I should say that the code is all working, I am just looking to tidy up some paperwork.

I am using (successfully) breakpoints on Axis 2.  I have to document a cable for the customer so they can order a spare, and I've found that the old connector configuration means that I used Breakpoint 2.  This isn't counter intuitive if BP1=Axis 1, BP2=Axis 2, etc. 

The problem is that I cannot find documentation anywhere that specifically defines this.

Furthermore, in the code (over 5 years since I've looked at it) the only BP configuration seems to be the Axis number, which then points to the Axis1=BP1, Axis2=BP2 etc.  But I'd love to find where this is explicitly defined for my peace of mind.




Wes Ramm, Cyth UK
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