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3-D Models


We are using the following (see below)in an assembly and I was wondering if you have 3-D models or a 2-D CAD drawings of these components. I need to get them into our CAD system to make an assembly model/drawing.

Any of the following formats would be great:

IGES, STEP, Pro/E, CATIA (V4 or V5), I-deas, Parasolid

The components are:

Rack Mount Kit
P/N 778712-01

Universal Motion Interface
P/N 778558-01

Chassis PXI-1042
P/N 778636-01

ARB Wave Form PXI-5421
P/N 778697-01

P/N 778756-01

Motion Contrl PXI-7354
P/N 778540-04

P/N 778755-01

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Unfortunately, due to the proprietary information contained in the CAD drawings, we do not generally release them. There is dimensional information in the user manuals, linked here:

If you absolutely need the drawings, you may want to try contacting your sales representative to see if something can be arranged, but generally the information given in the user manuals is plenty for most customers. To talk to your sales representative, call 1-800-433-488 and they will be able to help you from there.

Julie S
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thank you for responding.

I understand that the drawings would contain proprietary information for the electrical components, but all I would like is the exterior shell with the connectors. If there is a 3-D model of just those for the Universal Motion Interface P/N 778558-01 and Chassis PXI-1042 P/N 778636-01 that you can send me it would be of great help. If not, I understand.

Regarding the rack mount brackets, I did not see anywhere in the manuals a description of the geometry. If I could get a drawing or a 3-D Model of the brackets (Rack Mount Kit UMI-7774 P/N 778712-01;Rack Mount Kit PXI-1042 P/N 778643-01) I would appreciate it.

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I'd prefer not to post the diagrams here - please either let me know what your email address is or call us using to create a service request number.
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My e-mail is:


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