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what happened to this group?

Has been radio silence since beginning of year

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I think there was a meeting scheduled or at least discussed for earlier in the year but with all the COVID stuff it was cancelled and it's just not been discussed since.  My guess is we're looking at it being a while before we'd have another meeting, most likely next year. 

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I've been attending LabVIEW Live, which is a Virtual LabVIEW User Group Community Event hosted by G Systems and the Dallas LabVIEW User Group. It's open to everyone. Here is a link to the next meeting:


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Digalog would like to continue the group in some way, still determining how at this point.  We are planning on a meeting (most likely virtual) in early October.  Hopefully we can meet again in-person sometime in 2021.  Stay tuned, details to follow.

Greg Hahn
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Could we setup Microsoft Teams Meetings?

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