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encryption compendium for labview

I have been using this tool for a few years with great success.  LabVIEW 2020 runtime, however, has some issues with it  works fine in the environment though.  LVS-Tools claims to be coming out with an LV2020 friendly version in August but time will tell.  The new TLS functions in LabVIEW might be an alternative, but one certificate I am forced to deal with is expired and the new TLS functions become unhappy with that.  Wondering if anyone has a good alternative for doing SSL on raw TCP which is what I have been using the encryption compendium for.



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I've never been comfortable with embedding security directly into the application.


In terms of TLS/SSL, I've used an apache server to proxy and decrypt all the traffic for labview.  The specific use case was to communicate with LabVIEW using websockets for a remote machine controller with enterprise grade security.  


This is quite involved, but it will decouple you from the maintenance and security risks involved with having to keep up with all the security updates associated with encryption and addressing vulnerabilities.  It pretty much comes down to updating apache whenever (or automatically.)


There really isn't any reason you couldn't use another web server, I just chose apache because I'm the most familiar with it.  

Jon Kokott
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