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Please Join the virtual meeting Wed Nov 11/4 6:30p CST

The Google meeting should be public for up to 100 users. There are still slots open to presenters.  Please message me or reply if you would like to volunteer.


Milwaukee LabVIEW Group
  Google meeting 11/4  6:30 - 8:00pm CST

6:15  Group Hangout and Bandwidth Check
6:30  Welcome and Introductions
6:45  Presentation(s)
7:15  Open Discussion  Show off how you're using new LabVIEW features, or bring your challenges and topic ideas for next time.






Greg Hahn
Test Systems Project Engineer - CLD
Digalog Systems Inc. -
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Thanks for setting this up and keeping the Milwaukee LabVIEW User Group going during these difficult times!

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I will be there.  Although it won't be much of a formal presentation, I'll be happy to demonstrate some things my team has done with SystemLink.  We've committed to using it extensively for managing our test systems and data records from testing product.  Once installed it has the ability to do admin level installs even if the system is logged in as a restricted user.  This is great if IT is "helping" by not allowing a local admin account for installs.  For test data it has the ability to pareto test failures and create custom views for upper management to look at without having to dig through all the records themselves.


Dan Bosdech

Don't code angry. Dooon't code angry!
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this is what I get



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is there any documentation from last night or did the meeting not happen?  I wanted to join but kept getting the error I posted.  Hopefully next time.  Have a good day

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