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Need a New Venue

Hi All,


NI has changed the way they would like to provide the food for our meetings. They would like to provide the food through a selection of vendors that deliver. This means that our previous venue, provided by Stonefire Pizza will no longer work for us. 


Does anyone have any suggestions as to a good place to meet? Are there any companies that would like to host a meeting? Please let me know. 


Kind regards,


Rick Wagner

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Maybe a park & rec department building?  If my memory is right Chris Nelson used to do this mid afternoons at some building on innovation drive or research parkway (near the zoo interchange)

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It is a bit out-of-the-way, that said I am pretty sure Trek Bicycle would be willing to host again. There should be two options for the delivery of food. 

If interested, I will follow up and confirm with the company and food.

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I could rent the local pavilion at Cahill park in whitefish bay:


It would definitely be big enough.  There is a small pull down projector screen, but I don't have access to a projector.


Its pretty basic, just folding tables and chairs; $15 an hour, pretty much unlimited delivery options though.

cahill park.jpg

Jon Kokott
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STRATTEC has a large room (82 persons according to the fire code) with an over-head projector if you'd like to hold any meetings in the Glendale area.



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Hi Josh,


That sounds good. Would you check out the details and let me know?


Kind regards,



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Hi Jon,


Thanks for the suggestion. I will keep it in mind. 


Kind regards,



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Hi Chuck,


Thanks for the information. I believe that space was provided by Soliton. I will keep it in mind. 


Kind regards,



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Harken, Inc is willing to host.  There are a few food options out here in Pewaukee.  Let me know. Christine

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Any updates on this topic?  guessing we will be looking to Q2 for the next one.  I personally like the Harken idea for what that is worth

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