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read timestamp from DAQ device


read timestamp from DAQ device

hi everyone

i need help...

i use the NI-PCI 6225 card.

I want to read the 1000 samples with the time of each sample. I used 

DAQmxConfigurLogging C API, but in the TDMS file that was generated, there was no time for each sample.

What should I do to achieve this?


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Re: read timestamp from DAQ device

If you are working with waveforms to handle the data you are acquiring you should be able to reference the Timing of the AnalogWaveform object, to obtain and handle this timing data.


If you are already handling the timing data but it is being written to file could you show how you are doing this.

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Re: read timestamp from DAQ device

Hi RichieTheBard

thanks for your answer.

I attached my C++ code and TDMS file.

Thanks in Advance!

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Re: read timestamp from DAQ device

Since you are actually working with the ANSI C library there's actually no built in way to obtain a time stamp while acquiring the data with the API itself, since this functions only handle the data itself.


Given this, you'll have to implement the following document talks more about this.


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