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legend in CNiGraph

legend in CNiGraph

I am using the CNiGraph control in Measurement Studio enterprise edition v7.0.0.341 for Visual studio.NET 2003.  I have multiple plots and the number of plots is variable depending on user input.  A dynamic legend for this plot is highly desirable in order to make the data clear to the user.  I would like to know if there is a way (preferrably not using a static picture object because my legend needs to be dynamic) to add a legend to the graph.
I read a post referring to measurement studio v6.0 that stated that this feature was not currently supported.  I am hoping that this has been added in v7.0.0.341 since graphs with multiple plots seem to demand support for legends.
Thank you.
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Re: legend in CNiGraph



The simple answer to your question is no. The improvements made to CniGraph (CWGraph) do not include the legendary behavior you are after. I assume you have seen this KnowledgeBase document that walks through how to use a second graph as a legend for the first. The steps described in this document could be modified so that the elements of the “legend” are configured programmatically.


Now, if you are willing to start making the move to C#, the WaveformGraph can be tied to a Legend control. Yes, a Legend control. There is a description of this control on page 2-8 of the Measurement Studio User Manual.





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