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Visual studio without ni software



I wanted to ask if there is a possibility of using NI hardware, but programming without any NI bought software. For example programming in Visual Studio without installing Measurement studio?

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Hi Nvlah,


It will be based on what NI hardware are you using and function you trying to achieve.

For example, it is not necessary to have Measurement Studio in order to communicate with DAQ cards in Visual Studio. NI provides a native .NET API for NI-DAQmx that is available as part of the NI-DAQmx driver and does not require Measurement Studio. 

If Measurement Studio is installed, it will provide additional native .NET class libraries, integration, and code generation tools for Visual Studio. For example, Measurement Studio 7.0 and later adds the DAQ Assistant for code generation, integrated Visual Studio help, user interface .NET controls, and project wiards. For more information on which versions of Visual Studio are compatible with the different DAQmx .NET Frameworks, please see the DAQmx readme: Finding NI Readmes for Supported OS, ADE, Device, Modules and More.

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