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NIVISIO8.H from old installation seems not to work in new installation



I'm software developer in Germany and have an old project, created by somebody else in 2009.

Our software uses a vision system. The camera is driven by our software, using commands like

imaqCreateImage, imaqSetImageSize, imaqEasyAcquire, imaqBCGTransform...

In general it works, the vision system delivers an image, which I can use.

But my customer  told me today, the settings like brightness, are not working any more.

The old installation was Win XP, and or software includes NIVISIO8.h


They changed the PC to a Win 7 PC and installed "NI Vision Acquisition Software 17.1" and  "NI Vision Runtime 2018"


Now my question is:

Is the NIVISIO8.h still the right choice?

Do I have to use another header file in my project?

Where can I receive the right one?


thanks for help

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What i just found: My colleque, who created the software used "NI Vision MSC V8.61" and "NI Vision MSC V6.03"

He took both NIVISON.h files and renamed them to keep them both in the project.

SO my actaul question is:
Which "NI Vision MSC " is the right one to use for me?

Or, where do I receive an actual NIVISION.H, which is the right one to work with Acqusition Software 17.1?

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Problem is solved, the user was the bug...

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