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NI Daqmx 17 and FGEN 17 Isuues with Microsoft VS 2010 C++ Projects


Hi all

I am using MS VS 2010 along with NI DAQmx and NI FGEN for some time without any problem. However, when i updated older  DAQmx and FGEN (Version 16 and before) with newer version 17, i got a strange problem in MS VS 2010.


The problem is whenever, i try to edit or write code (in c++ e.g.), it takes too much time to even write/edit a single line code. The cursor pointer halt and continues to blink for some time even for single change in code. 


As i uninstall Version 7, the problem vanishes but as soon as i reinstall this version, same problem starts to occur. I have also tried to uninstall and reinstall MS VS 2010 many times but could not rectify this problem.


Note: As far as functionality is concerned, MS VS 2010 works fine with Version 17 (C APIs of DAQmx and FGEN are working fine), only problem is during writing/editing the code.


Kindly help me in this regard



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Hi there,


What Operating System are you running on? It could be an issue with comparability with the operating system.


Do you know if this problem has occurred on any other computers?


If the 16 versions of the drivers work fine that might be the best route for development right now since you are having issues with the 17 drivers.

Dane S.
Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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I am using Window 7 OS and i have observed this same issue on other PCs also. The reason to use version 17 is due to PXIe 5413 waveform generator which is not supported in version 16.



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Im experiencing the same situation with windows 10 visual studio 2010 driver package Jan 2018 C++, i even made a clean install of OS with only CVI, measurment studio 2015 and visual 2010 installed

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