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Migrating NI MS VS6 to latest [obsolescence management]?


One of my clients wants to update his existing MXI system based on Windows 7 to Windows 10 with new computer hardware.

The system is PXI connected over Fiber with MXI PCI card on a 3rd gen Intel Xeon based server. The software is written in VC++ 6 with I guess measurement studio 6.

According to my knowledge and internet, Measurement Studio VC++ 6.0 is not supported by windows 7 but my client has its working on Windows 7. Their OEM somehow Configured it to work with Windows 7.


What I am supposed to do is:

- Update their computer to newer 8th gen based system

- Update Windows 7 to windows 10.

- Since source code is available, make it run on latest Measurement Studio

- Newer computers usually do not have PCI slots, can I use PCIe to PCI converter and mount MXI on it?


How much of it is possible?

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Hello AfjalKhan.


NI does not support the use of third party PCI to PCIe adapters, and does not sell adapters.

The use of an adapter can work in some cases, but is generally not recommended, especially with high throughput cards because the adapter may not have the throughput to support the data transfer.

Additionally, some drivers may not work with the adapter, causing PCI cards to not be recognized by the system or behave incorrectly. 

For our MXI modules, they are PCI-SIG compatible in the back connector directed to the PCIe slot on the motherboard or the PXIe backplane, but the front panel connector does not support this protocol.


Hope information will be helpful.




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