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Installing DAQmx and c# code examples


I'm a bit rusty with all this, but it seems harder than it ought to be to install the DAQmx driver and write a C# program in Visual Studio 2013. (I just want a plain C# app, not measurement studio, and had fondly imagined there would be a simple example I could copy to start me off).

So I have my brand new USB 6001 working with MAX and Test Panels on my Win7 32-bit system. Bits toggle, voltages are read  - all good! But I can't find the .NET example code anywhere. I've read that in VStudio, I need to add 2 references to my Windows Forms app:

NationalInstruments.Common is present - no problem,

NationalInstruments.DAQmx is missing - why is that?

Searching around the C drive, I found NationalInstruments.DAQmx.dll dated 2010, left-over from a previous project. Could it be that DAQmx 18.5 doesn't work alongside older versions?


Elsewhere on this forum, someone had a similar problem and was told to install extra stuff manually, so I tried the same procedure, but Control Panel won't allow the installation to be modified - it has to be done by the original install program.


I tried the original installer, using the typical settings, and a message comes up saying no app development environments have been found on the PC, which is a little surprising as I have VS 2013. Otherwise, the installer seems to think it did everything it was supposed to do.


Please can someone help me get started with this?



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Good morning,


For the DAQmx driver to work in Visual Studio, there is an order in which programs need to be installed. Visual Studio should be installed first, followed by Measurement studio, and then finally the DAQmx driver. Additionally, you must tick the option for it to work on Measurement studio. 


If this does not work, have  read through this article here to see if it works for your situation.


Best regards,

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