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I am trying to get my 6602 counter/timer to create a software interrupt to occur 20 time a second

I am trying to output a voltage waveform at a rate of 20 output/sec. The analog output card that I am using is the 6703. I am trying to generate a windows software interrupt using the 6602 so that I can update the analog output channels. I am using Visual C++.
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Hi Dacman,
I understand that you are trying to output an analog voltage waveform from your 6703 at 20 Hz. The 6703 should be able to handle that output rate. I don't completely understand why you need the 6602 software interrupt to update the analog output channels. Perhaps if you described your system and what you are trying to do it would clarify the problem you are having.
Hope this helps!

Marcus G.
National Instruments
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Interrupts on the 6602 can be used.
Attach an ISR to this interrupt, and update your analog outputs.
Generate a clock with the 6602, if you have 50% dutycycle it can be done with 1 channel; if not you can use 2 counter-channels (e.g. 1st to generate the clock, and a 2nd as a 'retriggerable single pulse' generating the interrupt).
The RLPM of the 6602 is not complete about interrupts, but I posted the necessary information.
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