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Error Code 0XFFFB38OE


Error Code 0XFFFB38OE

I am trying to create a simulated PXIe-1085, and import an .ini file because the given options do not display the PXIe-1085.


"Could not import chassis information Error Code 0XFFFB38OE"


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Re: Error Code 0XFFFB38OE

Hi SunDontShine,


Thank you for posting on the forum!


Where are you viewing a list of given options within Measurement Studio that does not include a PXIe-1085?


Also, are you connecting a PXIe-1085 beforehand or is your end goal to simulate the device?  This error can typically occur when the chassis is turned on before the computer being used, but if you are not using any hardware then we can investigate other root causes.


I noticed that you created a duplicate post on the forum.  It may be best to delete that one so that we can consolidate our conversation to this post.



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