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Creating a sub ms delay before acquisition



I am currently working with the NI PXIe 6363 DAQ placed inside a PXIe-1073 chassis. I am controlling my DAQ using the DAQmx C API.


I want to initiate a precise delay on the sub millisecond scale before making an AI measurement. Since my computer is unlikely to offer such precision, I was hoping I could use the Onboard Clock of the chassis as a reference. Is there anyway I can initialize a delay on the PXIe DAQ using the clock of the chassis?


Thanks in advance,



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Hi GabrielM8001, 


Might be worth checking out the DAQmxSetStartTrigDelay. You can see all the supported properties of the PXIe-6363 here:


You can use the PXIe_Clk100 as the reference clock for both devices and then configuring the slave device to use the start trigger generated by the master device see Figure 8. Otherwise if you have a timing card handy you could use NI-Sync?


Let us know how you get on.






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