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Acquiring analogue input data before event is fired (DAQmxRegisterEveryNSamplesEvent)


Acquiring analogue input data before event is fired (DAQmxRegisterEveryNSamplesEvent)

In short: I wonder if it is possible to fire the event callback before the 'nSamples' are reached?


Right now I am acquiring data via the DAQmxRegisterEveryNSamplesEvent every nSamples, which works just fine. However if I finish my measurements at any given time, I will have some remaining samples in the buffer. This data I'd like to access as well.


The information for DAQmxRegisterEveryNSamplesEvent states:

'When you stop a task explicitly any pending events are discarded. For example, if you call DAQmxStopTask then you do not receive any pending events.'

Therefore I believe I'll miss out on this data, even though I haven't actually stopped the task yet. 


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