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ANSI C deployment missing dlls


Good morning,

I wrote a command line app using ANSI C header and lib files ( NIDAQmx.h and NIDAQmx.lib ). I am trying to deplying it but when I try to run it I get crash due to some missing dll.


Running dependendy walker on the *.exe and searching a bit in the NI posts seems that I need the nicaiu.dll so I manually copied it from system32 to the binary level but I still get the crash when trying to run it. So I ran dependency walker again but this time on the nicaiu.dll and seems that the dll need the nispylog.dll that I don't have in my system.


I would have a help on this, I need to know which dlls do I need to deploy my ansi c command line applications and I also need those dlls please.

I compiled my app with VS2012 ( I don't use dot net, only ansi c ). The VS dependencies are there.


Thank you


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Hi !

This info could be helpful: Which DLLs Contain the NI-DAQ Functions?


also, this could be helpful: 

Remember to install the ANSI C support

NiSpylog.dll should be on  System32 and/or SysWOW64

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Thank you


I solved the problem by updating to the last version of the problem

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