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Upgrade to DAQmx 19.5 Gives -200077 Error in Create CI Encoder Chan

I have a VB6 application that was updated from NI-DAQ (Legacy) to DAQmx v15.5 about 2 years ago. Everything has been working great with the new drivers. I recently added support for encoder inputs which also ended up working great. However, I just upgraded from DAQmx v15.5 to v19.5 and now my calls to DAQmxCreateCILinEncoderChan() and DAQmxCreateCIAngEncoderChan() return error -200077 but only when I set the ZidxEnable parameter to TRUE. This happens with a PCIe-6343 board and also with a USB-6363 board. I've attached a copy of an IO Trace capture file.

Is DAQmx 19.5 not compatible with VB6? Or is it possible something went wrong with the upgrade from 15.5 to 19.5?

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I spent the weekend doing some experimenting and what I found was that my program works fine with no errors when DAQmx v15.5, v16.0 or v16.1 is installed. However, if I install DAQmx v17.0, 18.1 or 19.5, the DAQmxCreateCILinEncoderChan() function returns error code -200077 when (and only when) the ZidxEnable input argument is set to TRUE.


So what changed at DAQmx v17.0?


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