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How to check if Instrument (LAN) is online?

Hi!, so I have started using some Keysight DMM's using LAN - Until now I have only used GPIB.


In my old setup, when I launched my program (VBA in excel) I would check with DMM1.IsOnline to see if the instrument is avaliable. (Using CWGPIB lib) 


But with my new LAN interface, how do I test if the instrument is reachable? CwVisa doesn't have an command similar to .IsOnline. From what I read online the most common thing is to write "*IDN?" to the instrument, but using DMM1.Write("*IDN?") I get the error that the specified device is not configured - And I guess that is because I cannot write before I run DMM1.Open - But if I run that first, then I get an error that either the resource have insufficient info or its not present in system (well its not ) 


So how do I test if the instrument is present before runing the "open" command?

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