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Complaining about a licensed product

Complaining about a licensed product



      I am using Measurement Studio V8.1.2. For some reason, every time I start the project in VB, the IDE wants to install the National Instruments Measurement Studio. So I tried to remove the installation and reinstall the system. Well, In Programs and Features, I clicked on the program name and then click on the Uninstall. The entry in the list disappeared but uninstall did not run. So renamed the directory it was installed and installed the program again. But now I am getting an error that "You have called a function or method requiring Measurement Studio product for which you are not licensed...." I run the MS ActiveX License Fixer utility. All the componenets I need (cwanalysis and cwui.ocx) are fully licensed. My program does not complain about "CWArray1.MaxMin1D" function but produces an error for the "CWStat1.ExpFit" function, both part of teh cwanalysis.ocx. So, how can I register/license these? 



Thank you.

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Re: Complaining about a licensed product

Hello Girit,


I've sent you a personal message regarding uninstalling Measurement Studio (MS).  Please check the message at your earliest convenience.


Shawn S. | NIC
Instrument Driver/IVI PSE
National Instruments
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