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Activex pour PCI 6518 ?

Je voudrais piloter une carte PCI-6518 à partir d'un applicatif VB6.
Il semblerait qu'il faille passer par un activeX.
Suis-je obligé d'installer l'ensemble de ma version soft NI-DAQ 7.4 ?

Des exemples de code VB6 pour exploiter cette carte.

D'avance Merci.

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If you have a look to this link, you can see that the PCI 6518 seems not to be supported by traditional DAQ. So you will have to use DAQmx. Unfortunately the ActiveX controls of Measurement Studio do not support DAQmx. DAQmx 7.5 contains a VB6 type library you could use. This is not as easy and comfortable than using the MStudio ActiveX controls, but this way I succeded to control my PCI-6251board.


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