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rfsg resample and in .NET

I'm working with a PSK Modulation VI that uses the rfsg_resample_and_write.VI.  I can't seem to find this function in CVI or .NET.  Any help to find/simulate this VI in C# would be greatly appreciated

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Hi kral;


You may find the follwing link useful on this case:


National Instruments .NET Driver Support

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Thank you Pedro,

   I've already had this link bookmarked, in my favourites and pinned!  It IS a very valuable link, but sadly, it does not help my situation.  I've poured over the CHM files and the examples and I can't seem to find any .NET equivalent.  Barring digging into the VI and recreating it in .NET, has anybody else needed this VI in .NET?

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Hi Krai, 


If the .NET driver support does not help, I think looking into the LabVIEW VIs and .NET examples would be a good place to start.  I don't believe we offer a specific example of that exact function in LabWindows.  


Best wishes!

Amanda B.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Did you ever find the equivelent function?

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No I did not actually.  The best answer I received was to make this VI a DLL and wrap it then PInvoke it.  It would work, but that's what we do with all of our Functional VIs anyway.  Since this was only a single subVI within a larger VI, it wasn't worth the effort to make this one out when we already made a DLL of the larger parent VI.  If that makes sense.

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I forgot to mention that did embark to re-write this VI in C# and was making pretty good progress, until I needed to stop working on the project. Just putting this out there that the code didn't seem too be daunting.
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