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license without integration tools

Hello, I am running into an issue trying to have MS 2019 accept my license subscription. For this process, I am not installing the integration tools since my company IT does not accept this software  however I am allowed to have License Manager installed.


We have been using MS 2015 without the integration tools to allow our software to build with the license file (.licx) in visual studio and having the License Manager software installed pointing to either a disconnected license or to a volume sever license.


This process has worked out pretty well with MS 2015 and rarely had issues with licensing.


We have now upgraded MS 2015 to MS 2019 in our visual studio projects and we are now having issues trying to get MS 2019 to understand our licenses. I have solved the disconnected license issue but our volume license server does not seem to work with Visual Studio. We get typical license exception when trying to build VS with a volume license server.


The first question would be, what are the best practices when trying to activate the Ni licensing with a volume server when integration tools are not installed.


I did a lot of trial and error to get disconnected license to work and that involved ensuring I have the licx file in the start up project as well as references to NationalInstruments.Common.dll and NationalInstruments.NiLmClientDLL.dll also  in the start up project. Also since integration tools takes care of SharpDx 2.6.3 dependency, I have to reference these dlls for any work related to NationalInstruments.Controls.Graphs.dll.


However the same tricks I am using to get the license to work with the disconnected license simply do not work with volume licensing for some reason.


Any help would be appreciated


Thank you

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