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Hi, apologies if this is on the wrong forum, but it seems like the cleverest people are here....  Smiley Wink
I am trying to communicate with an Agilent 34401A multimeter using IVI, I have downloaded the Agilent IVI drivers, the IVI support files and have them all set up, and am able to reference them in Visual Studio .NET, alongside Measurement but is missing, the file doesn't exist anywhere on my computer, and I can't find where to get it!
has anyone else had this problem, know where to find the file?
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Hi Simon, should be installed with the .NET support for VISA.  When you install VISA you are able to select which development environments you install support for.  After installation, you can modify the installation to add .NET support by going to Start >> Settings >> Control Panel >> Add/Remove Programs >> National Instruments Software >> Change >> NI-VISA >> Modify and selecting the feature you want installed.

Hope this helps,
Robert Mortensen
Software Engineer
National Instruments
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