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about wavegraph

I am using Measurement Studio to design UI. I would like to display data in wavegraph. Now I want to get such function, such as when I click the point in the graphics. I can get the current point position (X, Y). This function is similar as tooltips in windows. Anybody knows how to get that? Thank you very much!
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Hi YHong,

Check out the discussion forum found here.  Although this is dealing with a ScatterGraph, the same holds true for a WaveformGraph.  Also, as a clarification, the ToolTipsEnabled property is actually a member of the WaveformPlot class and not the WaveformGraph class, so you have to set that property per plot if you have multiple plots.  Otherwise, the PlotAreaMouseDown event is part of the WaveformGraph class and you can create the callback even the same way.  Let me know if you have additional questions.  Thanks and have a great day.

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