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With .NET Core?

Would just like to chip in and say just because .NET Core can do cross platform, doesn't mean all driver and tooling needs to support all platforms... a .NET Core project can example easily be build against Windows runtime only.


That said it would be nice to example be able to use Measurement Studio, and DAQmx drivers from more lightweight devices for Industrial IoT scenarious.


We're also example using Teststand(for now...) on production line, at the moment, using custom result recording to Azure Cloud for data analysis etc, and there we're using Microsofts .NET dll's, and that works fine since they support .NET 4.5+ but at some point newer versions of those dll's will only be for .NET Core.







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.NET Core leaves the runtime to be updated via Windows Update, and the version your application uses ships with your application. That's alot better for maintenance and easier for the customer when they don't have to install a new version of the framework when you compile against a newer version.


It also has alot better support for databases, command line interface generation of entity framework models (scaffolding) -- the dialog they had for years to do this was extremely buggy and sometimes would error out and you couldn't generate anything but errors.


Project files -- the new SDK version of the project file is SO much cleaner and clearer than it's been. Doing a diff you can clearly tell what changes have been made.


Sqlite and JSON support...

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I've recently had success using the NI APIs with .NET 5 (Core) libraries/apps.  However, I have not been able to reference/call them within TestStand.  For example, you can see the classes/methods when trying to use within the Sequence Analyzer config.

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That's kind of the whole issue.

Dotnet core (soon to be dotnet 5) can easily run most "legacy dll's" such as the teststand api ones, aslong as the compile target is set to windows, it's the other way that's the major issue: that none of NI's tools currently support dotnet core, and no clear plan other than a very vague answer in another topic that they are working with microsoft on it (Re: .NET Core Support - NI Community), which i see you commented on aswell 🙂


Hell even if they opened up their software a bit more, i'm sure the community(or NI partners) would be able to make an "adapter" for any language, took years for python support in teststand as an example.

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"That's kind of the whole issue."  Yup, completely agree.  There have been many times we started down the .NET Core path, but had to move back to "full framework" due to these limitation.  Maybe one day 😀.


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