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When I create an installer project and build it I get the following errors: Unable to import merge module 'mstudiocommon'. What do I do with this?

Thanks Bilal.  Replacing the three .msm files removed the error 2920 that the installer threw during installation. 

I still don't understand how the installer works or what is really happening when I add the special folders to the installer project.  I thought I fixed something when I just manually copied all of the merge modules from my NI install machine to my target machine.  My plan was to remove all .msm files until my program didn't work and then I would try and make sure those were merged manually during the creation phase of the installer.  Well, I ended up removing all of them and the program worked fine.  Maybe since the .msm files were in the Merged Modules directory for awhile all the needed .dlls and other file types were put in the right places making the original .msm files unnecessary? 

I thought I was using .NET since I was using Visual Studio .NET 2003 to build my C++ project.  I guess that NI doesn't consider a project .NET unless it's actually a C# project or a VB.NET project?  So since I was using C++ even though it was inside VS .NET 2003 it's not considered to be using the .NET libraries/assemblies?  Is that correct? 

Also, is there anyway to know which .msm files are being detected as necessary and being added to the .msi file during the building of the installer project itself?  I mean I see the .dlls and .libs that the build is packaging into the .msi while the installer is being built but I don't see anything like MStudioCommon.msm that I know I need because I'm using CNiGraph, CNiNumEdit, and CNiButton.  Well, I shouldn't say I know anything at this point. 

The deployed installer seems to be working.  I was able to get the Boot Loader example from Microsoft working pretty cleanly too where it checked for the .NET Framework and installed it if it wasn't there.  It's always nice to have one installer if you can right? 

Thanks again for your help,


Grant M. Johnson
Project Engineer
LECO Corporation
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