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WPF VectorMode Memory leak in Measurement Studio 2019

Hello, some of our customers works with real time NI graphs for long time (3-4 days, 1-2 weeks) without any break.

And we faced that application Total Memory usage increased in time continuously.

To reproduce that issue just run TemperatureSystem example memory profiler for long time, and you will see that unmanaged memory increased in time and doesn't released.

For some reason, some of our customer can works only with Vector mode, other modes are not display data on graph on Virtual Machines. So I think this should be fixed for Vector rendering mode.

The results of memory profiling "TemperatureSystem example":


In 24h results you can see that unmanaged memory continuously growth, and the results are not applicable for us. 

In addition the total memory usage increased a lot if a graph is resized.

Please provide appropriate solution to fix the problem.


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