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VISA 4.6 and USB 3.0



we experienced a problem with a combination of VISA 4.6, Windows7 64bit and a USB3.0.

A USB TMC device is not preoperly recognized when connected to the PC.


Upgrading to the latest VISA version solved the problem. However I cannot find in any of the documentation that is is required for USB3.0.

Can anyone that VISA 5.x is required to use USB3.0 interfaces?





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hi there, with the released of NI-VISA 4.6 R&D fixed a bug related to USBTMC. Although there is not a clear reference the expected behavior of the driver should be indifferent if you are using USB 2.0 or 3.0. My recommendation, Try using always the highest version compatible with your OS to ensure the best driver stability.

Alejandro C. | National Instruments
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Hello Alejandro,

thanks for your feedback. I have one more question in using the latest VISA V5.2


When using the regular full setup of VISA 5.2, there are two disadvantages:

1) the deployment gets huge (around 1GB)

2) the installer requires to install .NET 4.0 framework


All I really need to deploy is the VISA 5.2 runtime engine. I notice that in the VISA installer folder structure, there is a 

 ..\VISA\Products\NI-VISA_Runtime\ folder, containing a  „NIVISAruntime.msi“


Is it safe an legitimate to use that folder only and call  "NIVISAruntime.msi" for the installation of the VISA 5.2 runtime engine?


Best Regards,



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It seems NI-VISA 5.3 does not support USB 3.0 devices. When I try to use Driver Wizard to create a driver for a USB 3.0 device, I got the error "ERROR- 1073807178: Device descriptor error - invalid bMaxPacketSize0 value ( must be set to either 8, 16, 32, or 64 bytes)". I noticed that the device was giving wMaxPacketSize0 of 512 (2^9). But the driver wizard is treating the value as 9. So I believe driver wizard does not support USB 3.0 device. Could somebody confirm this please? Thanks a lot in advance.



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Hi Jackie,


Looks like you created a new thread for your question. See this page.


David B.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Sorry David. You are right. After I followoed this thread, I started new thread.



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Smiley Happy

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