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Using TDM C DLL - License and Examples



Apologies if this is the wrong place for my question.


I'm interested in using the TDM C DLL for reading and writing TDMS files in a commercial application. My question is twofold:


1. What are the restrictions for including the DLL in commercial product, if any?

2. Are there any examples of including the DLL in a C# project? 


Any help is greatly appreciated Smiley Happy

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Hi DeveloperWho,


I don't have a C# example at hand, however you can find the licensing condition contained in the download package (license.rtf is the name of the license file at time of post).




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Thank you for your reply Stefan.


I have looked over the license.rtf file, but wasn't sure if that was all encompassing or if there were details elsewhere.


I'm not a lawyer, but I think I understand the gist of the agreement:


- I can use the DLL as long as I provide both read and write functionality for TDMS files.

- If I package the DLL with my product I need to include ""Portions used under license from National Instruments Corporation; copyright (c) 2007 National Instruments Corporation." somewhere in the product.

- I agree not to modify the DLL in any way.


Those make sense to me. The part that I find confusing is this:


"You agree not to use the TDM DLL to make or distribute your own or a third party's application, a principal purpose of which, as reasonably determined by NI, is to perform (by itself or in combination with other products) the same or similar functions as (or are otherwise intended to replace or supplant any component of) the TDM DLL or any other software of NI."


What if I inadvertently duplicate similar functions to some NI software that I am unaware of? Also, existing NI software has the ability the read and write TDMS files, so is any product I construct to do these functions not considered in violation of the license?


Thanks again.

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