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Unable to find IMAQ functions: IMAQ Correlate, IMAQ Particle Analysis in Measurement Studio 2015

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I am wondering if anyone is able to help me with my queries as I am a little confused with what packages are available for my intent. I am using LabView 2015, Measurement Studio 2015 (for .Net), .Net 4.5 and Visual Studio 2013 Update 5. For LabView, I have installed IMAQ Vision Acquisition Software Feb 2015.


After installing Measurement Studio and trying out its functionalities, I am able to find LabView's signal processing functions like Savitzky-Golay in Measurement Studio under the namespace NationalInstruments.Analysis.Enterprise in .NET.


However, for LabView's IMAQ functions like IMAQ Convolute, IMAQ Correlate, IMAQ Particle Analysis, I am unable to find matching calls in Measurement Studio 2015. How do I obtain those functions?



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Never mind, I think I found my own answer. Measurement Studio 2015 contains just LabView functions that can be called in C#. However, if you need IMAQ functions, you will need to buy NI Vision Development Kit. The kit only supports .Net 3.5. 


For new projects, use NI Vision OpenCV support.

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