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Task Reader Slow with cDAQ-9184 and NI9205



I have a timing problem in my reader task with cDAQ9184 and NI9205 in .net c# environment.

I'm trying to read 250 sample with a samplerate of 10000 Hz. With these parameters, the measurement time I would expect is about 30 ms. Instead of this value, the measure lasts more than 200 ms.


This is my source code:


myTask = new Task();
// Create a channel
myTask.AIChannels.CreateVoltageChannel(physChan, "", aITerminalConfiguration, -range, range, AIVoltageUnits.Volts);

// Configure timing specs
myTask.Timing.ConfigureSampleClock("", sampleRate, SampleClockActiveEdge.Rising,
SampleQuantityMode.FiniteSamples, samplesPerChannel);

// Verify the task

// Read the data
reader = new AnalogSingleChannelReader(myTask.Stream);
data = reader.ReadWaveform(samplesPerChannel);


Do you have some suggestions?

Thank you!

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