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Single channel read from task with multiple channels

I am having difficulty getting my head around this "Task" based i/o with DAQmx in Measurement Studio 8.0, using C#.

This is the problem I am trying to solve:
I have different devices attached to separate channels of a 6035E MIO board.
I have written classes for each of the different devices, and each class has a Read method.
The Read method attempts to read from a specific channel for the MIO board.
I have found out that I can only have 1 task of a particular type (for instance Analog Input) running at a time, so I put all of my Analog input channels into 1 task.
I want to create a separate data reader for each channel that I want to reader so that I can pass the data readers to each of my device classes and then I can read from each separate channel using the ReadMultiSample method of an AnalogSingleChannelReader that I created from the Stream of the Analog Input task. The thing is, the task contains multiple channels.

How can I specify a different channel to read for each AnalogSingleChannelReader I create?

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I looks like you are getting this issue addressed in:

To keep matters simple we will leave it there.

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