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SCOPE5122 Export Signal with Class Library 1.1.1

SCOPE5122 Export Signal with Class Library 1.1.1



I am using the class library 1.1.1 to control a NI-PCI Scope 5122 over


I have to synchronise with pulse generator over the export signal (PFI_0)


-> there is my problem


how can i trigger the PFI_0 over the class library 1.1.1


i found the ExportSignals object as property of a session object, but i dont understand how i configure it to raise trigger

this.internalSession.ExportedSignals.EndOfAcquisitionEventOutputTerminal = "";
                this.internalSession.ExportedSignals.EndOfRecordEventOutputTerminal = "";
                this.internalSession.ExportedSignals.FiveVoltOutputTerminal = "";
                this.internalSession.ExportedSignals.ReadyForAdvanceEventOutputTerminal = "";
                this.internalSession.ExportedSignals.ReadyForReferenceEventOutputTerminal = "";
                this.internalSession.ExportedSignals.ReadyForStartEventOutputTerminal = "";



thanks for your help

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Re: SCOPE5122 Export Signal with Class Library 1.1.1



do you have to sync your pulse generator with your scope card, or can you do it just the other way? I mean, to trigger your scope with the pulse generator. 

If you can do it this way, you just can look at out examples and trigger from the PFI_0 or the TriggerInput of your scope.


You find the example Start»All Programs»National Instruments»NI-SCOPE»Examples».NET 3.5 Languages Support -> ScopeSynchronizingUsingTClock


-Michael F.

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Re: SCOPE5122 Export Signal with Class Library 1.1.1



thanks for your help.


i have to start the pulser when starting the aquisition of scope card. -> so the pulser waits for external trigger input of scope card (PFI_0)


i found a working solution with plain native dll invoke.



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