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PXIe-4463 Analog Out Dc Voltage .Net Example

PXIe-4463 Analog Out Dc Voltage .Net Example


I've a Pxie-4463,In NI Max Test Panel ,Pxie-4463 can Output DC voltage.

But In ni-DAQmx's .Net Code Example,I did't find any example for .net code example.

Now I need relevant examples,Can you hlep me?

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If you install .NET after you install NI-VISA, you won't find the examples.

Try re-installing NI-VISA and make sure that support for .NET is selected.

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Thank you for your reply.

Ni-Visa Can Open PXIe-4463.But In VISA's panel.What should i do to control it.And use Analog out?Can you tell me?

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How to use NI-VISA  set analog out dc voltage?

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