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Not all .net dlls installed with C# express

I have Visual C# 2005 Express installed and have just installed NiDaq 8.0.0 and selected the option to install .net language support in the installer.  But inside the MeasurementStudioVS2003\DotNET\Assemblies\Current folder, the only dlls are


There isn't


whict this article says you have to add to the toolbox.

How can I get these components installed given I've only got Visual C# express installed (haven't had VS.Net 2003 installed either).  I've tried applying the patch from but this hasn't helped either.


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NationalInstruments.UI.WindowsForms.dll installs with Measurement Studio. It does not install with NI-DAQ or Driver CD. If you only installed DAQ, only having NationalInstruments.Common.dll and NationalInstruments.DAQmx.dll is expected behavior.

- Elton

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Ok.  So do the 2 dlls I've got allow me to do basic acquisition and waveform generation?  We currently use traditional DAQ from C++ to do synchronised wave form generation and analog acquisition (by linking a PFI line from the analog out convert to the analog in convert).  I realise the UI.WindowsForms stuff is for visual development which we don't require so perhaps DAQmx.dll and Common.dll are enough?

I've added the DAQmx.dll as a reference to a C# project so do this provide enough classes for me to do the above acquisition and generation (purely non-visually, it will be running in a separate thread) using a PCI-6052E?


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Yes, these two assemblies should be all that you need to do waveform generation and analog acquisition.

- Elton

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Thanks for your help, I've got the synchronised AI/AO example up and running now which is pretty much exactly what we do with traditional daq at the moment.

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