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Need to read from a Network Stream in C#

I am writing data to a Network Stream in LabVIEW.  But I must (for various reasons) read the streamed data on a separate computer using Measurement Studio (I'm writing in C#). 

If I did the whole thing in LabVIEW, I would only specify the read url - I don't have to specify the write url. 

This leaves me confused about what to do for the reader in C#. 

A Network Stream in .NET seems to require that I specify an IP address. 

Clearly I'm confused.  Any help would be much appreciated.

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Just to clarify, are you talking about doing something like this, except in C#?

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Thanks for the reference to an interesting article. 

I think the answer to your question is yes --- I'm not completely sure, because I'd have to first read the article (which I intend to do).

The central problem I'm facing is that I create a Network Stream Writer End Point and provide it with a reader url (in the form \\target-computer-name\Endpoint-name).  This all works well in LabVIEW.  But when I have the equivalent of the Reader End Point in C#, I have to specify an ip address (not a problem), but I also have to specify a Port Number.  What is the Port Number LabVIEW calls out when I give the Reader Endpoint a name in LabVIEW?  

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After reading the article you referenced, I think I may have to accept using LabVIEW on the read end. 

But I still need to have access to the data obtained in this read from my C# application using Measurement Studio. 

To this end, is it possible to convert the LabVIEW reader application into a COM component I can interrogate from C#?  It doesn't have to be COM - basically anything that lets me grab the data read by the LabVIEW application (hopefully without have to write to file and read from file).

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I found some resources that seem to say use port 2343. Here is document I found most useful. I would look under the Shared Variables and Network Streams section. I also found this, and this, that seem to say similar things. Hope this helps!



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