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I have a small windows forms application in .NET that uses the NI Tank and ScatterPlot controls.  I tried to deploy my application by setting the "Copy Local" command for each of the references to "true", which copies the following assemblies into the Release folder:
When the user loads the application, the system cannot find the assembly for NationalInstruments.UI.Styles.3D.  Are there other assemblies required to deploy?  I assumed I would be safe with just the ones used in the "References" section of the project.
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I strongly suggest that you do not use the "Copy Local" setting in this manner. It will inevitably lead to problems, as discussed in this forum thread and this forum thread. See the Knowledge Base article "Plots, Axes, and Cursors Disapperaing from Graph Control" for more info. In addition to these problems, it is not a reliable method for deployment, as you have already seen.

If you are using 3D styles and you are using xcopy deployment, there are additional files that you will need to deploy. Namely, you need the NationalInstruments.UI.Styles3D.dll assembly and its dependencies, which are mesa.dll, msvcr71.dll, and msvcp71.dll. For more information, see the "Measurement Studio .NET XCOPY Deployment Files" topic in the Measurement Studio Reference.

- Elton

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