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NI Datasockets vs TCP vs UDP

I want to view 60 hz sinusoidal waveforms on a
PC that I have dedicated to almost Real-Time Monitoring.

The data is to be served on Ethernet from my Data Acq PC.

After several experiments with asynchronous TCP clients, I've discovered that asynch TCP clients cannot keep up with a synchronous TCP server that is sending out  counter data (1,2,3,4,5,......100)...The counter data is sent so  that 100 numbers should be displayed on the client in one second.

The synchronous TCP server output is timed with a form timer.
The asynchronous TCP client is using the standard callback routine.

Anyone have experience with this?

Are there better options?
UDP Server ? 
I read that NI datasockets were not recommended for high speed transfer so I have avoided them.


Philip Newman
General Dynamics
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please disregard my previous posting

my TCP client's receive buffer was not the exact size of the messages being served.

this caused the drastic slowdown of my client

now the data is like lightning.

Philip Newman
General Dynamics
Electric Boat
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