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Meter Needle Size, Slide Pointer Width

Is there any way to change the size of the needle for the Meter control in .NET?  I decreased the arc in order to smoothen the meter but the needle got huge!  My only solution is to either switch to a different control or to cover the needle with a Panel... Any suggestions?  Also, is there any way to modify the pointer on the Slide control?  I would like to decrease the width.
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There are some meter styles with a thinner needle that you can change. I'm not sure how thin you need the meter needle to be, but you can create your own meter style class. The attached class with draw a really thin (1 pixel wide) needle.

To use this class, you would add the following for you  meter in the forms load or constructor

meter1.MeterStyle = new CustomNeedle();

You can do similar customization for the slide as well.

This is described in the help topic "Extending the Measurement Studio Numeric Pointer .NET controls"

I hope this helps
Bilal Durrani
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