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My organization has multiple PXI systems and do collaborative development through visual studio's Team Foundation Server. Their system's reference the NationalInstruments.Analysis.Enterprise library version whereas my system only has This causes a compilation error when it can't find the version. Where can I install the newer version? I tried reinstalling measurement studio but it had no impact on the current version of NationalInstruments.Analysis.Enterprise. Any direction is greatly appreciated.

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In the solutions explorer:


Right Click "References" > Add Reference > "Extensions" > Look for the version of the library that you want. Does this resolve the errors that you are seeing?


If not, could tell us what the errors are exactly? A screenshot or description would be helpful

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Accepted by topic author brian.benavidez
05-02-2019 08:11 AM

I installed the Measurement Studio 2015 Suite and the correct assemblies became available. While I was still working without the new assembly, I noticed that I could also get the solution to compile by commenting out the reference to NationalInstruments.Analysis.Enterprise in the licenses.licx and leave only the version. For some reason the inclusion of that license in the licx file was causing a "The located assembly’s manifest definition does not match the assembly reference" compile error despite the reference version under References being correctly pointed to

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