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Integrating National Instruments dlls in .net dll



I've created a .net dll in Visual studio 2008 using the National instruments dlls. I've used the NationalInstruments.Analaysis.Enterprise.dll and NationalInstruments.Common.dll in my Visual C# program and then made a new dll "Newmodule.dll". Then I wanted to use that dll in LabView using the .net connectivity tools. Everything looked ok and the LabView program worked perfectly well in my PC but when I tried to run the same program in another PC it is showing some error like the array are out of bounds. I've given the exact array values and the same value worked perfectly in my PC. I suspect that the National instruments references might be missing in that PC. Is my suscpicion correct? What shall I do to include all the Natinal Instruments references inside the dll I created i.e. "Newmodule.dll". Plz help..

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Hi Paritosh,


It does sound like something may be out of place or a dependency was not included. I have provided a link below on creating an installer which automates the process of grabbing all dependencies in order to move them to target machine. I was also hoping you could give a little more information about what you have installed on the second machine. Do you have Measurement Studio installed? Is it the same version? Are you building your LabVIEW project into an executable or just moving the VI? Hope this helps and if not let me know what happens.

Patrick H | National Instruments | Software Engineer
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