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Instantiated a PXIe-2727 resistor module

I have a Pxie-2727 resistor module in our PXI system.  Based on NI documentation, I understood that the PXIe-2727 driver is resided in the NI switch library, so I wrote the following code to instantiated the 2727 resistor module. 

"NiResistorDriverInstance = new NISwitch(resourceName,
        SwitchDeviceTopology.Device2727Independent, simulate, resetDeviceOnConnection);"

But an Exception was through.

Ivi.Driver.ValueNotSupportedException: 'ModularInstruments.NISwitch: The specified topology string is invalid.

Topology: 2727/Independent

Status Code: -200198
Error Code: -1074118643'


Can some one help me?

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